Measure your floor in just two easy steps!

  1. Using the printer-friendly grid page, make a simple sketch of your room. Be sure to show any alcoves, fireplaces, doorways, stairs, etc.
  2. Then, use the square footage calculator to calculate the amount of flooring you need.

Measuring tips from the pros

  • Measure the width and length of the room in at least two places, just in case the room is not square. Use the largest of the two measurements.
  • Allow an extra 2 inches or 5 cm on all sides for rough cut edges, etc.
  • Because carpet has a pile direction much like the grain of wood, the pile must lay in the same direction. Don't forget to take into consideration when you need two or more pieces of carpet.
  • If you have patterned carpet or vinyl, you will need extra material to enable you to get a good match in the pattern. Ask your Flooring Specialist about "pattern repeat."
  • Now that you know how much flooring you need, just take your diagram to our Wall 2 Wall Showroom and our flooring specialists will be happy to help you choose your new flooring.

Note: This is a guideline only.

The ultimate choice of a professional flooring installer rests with you, the consumer. It is your sole discretion to choose an installer who offers a guarantee on their work. Wall 2 Wall accepts no responsibility for any errors or omissions on this page, or any actions or workmanship of any independent installers.